Details About CAE & Tips for Preparation





Paper 1: Reading

- 4 parts to complete in 1 hour 15 minutes

- 34 questions in total

Part 1Multiple choice (6 questions)

Candidates read 3 short texts and answer the 2 multiple choice questions per text.

Part 2Gapped text (6 questions)

Candidates complete a text by choosing the correct paragraph from a list of 7 options.

Part 3Multiple choice (7 questions)

Candidates read a text and answer 7 multiple choice questions.

Part 4Multiple matching (15 questions)

Candidates match a prompt to the relevant section of the text or texts.


Paper 2: Writing

- 2 tasks to complete in 1 hour 30 minutes
Part 1 Question 1

Compulsory taskCandidates write a 180-220 word article, report, proposal or letter based on input material.

Part 2 Questions 2-5

Candidates write a 220-260 word text from a choice of 4. Question 5 is on the set books.


Paper 3: Use of English

- 5 parts to complete in 1 hour.50 questions in total.
Part 1 Multiple choice cloze (12 questions)

Candidates complete a gapped text by choosing the correct answer from 4 options.

Part 2 Open cloze (15 questions)

Candidates fill in missing words from a text.

Part 3 Word formation (10 questions)

Candidates form the missing words from a text by changing the stem words given.

Part 4 Gapped sentences (5 questions)

Candidates complete 3 separate sentences with one word which is appropriate for the 3 sentences.

Part 5 Key word transformations (8 questions)

Candidates complete a sentence using a key word so that it means the same as the lead-in sentence.


Paper 4: Listening

- 4 parts to complete in approximately 40 minutes.

-    30 questions in total.

Part 1 Multiple choice (6 questions)

Candidates answer 3 multiple choice questions on 3 short recordings.

Part 2 Sentence completion (8 questions)

Candidates listen to a monologue and complete 8 sentences.
Part 3 Multiple choice (6 questions)

Candidates listen to a conversation between 2 or more speakers and complete 6 multiple choice questions.

Part 4 Multiple matching (10 questions)

Candidates listen to 5 monologues on a similar theme and complete 2 tasks requiring the selection of 5 correct options out of a choice of 8.


Paper 5: Speaking

- 4 parts in 15 minutes per pair of candidates.
Part 1 Interview

Each candidate answers the interlocuter's questions about themselves and their opinions.

Part 2 Individual long turn

Candidate A talks for a minute about a set of pictures, after which Candidate B is invited to make a brief comment. Then Candidate B is given a different set of pictures and talks about them for a minute, after which, Candidate A is invited to make a brief comment.

Part 3 Collaborative task

Candidates work together to carry out a task based on some pictures. This part lasts 4 minutes.

Part 4 Discussion

The interlocuter will ask both candidates some questions which are related to the






CAE Tutor - Angus Savory: CD-ROM (Educational Software Products)

Cambridge Grammar for CAE and Proficiency - Martin Hewings: Book with answers and 2 Audio CDs (CUP)

Essentials CAE Practice Tests - Charles Osborne: Text with Answer Key + 2 Audio CDs (Heinle ELT) 

Grammar and Vocabulary for CAE/CPE with key - Richard Side, Guy Wellman: Workbook with key (Pearson Longman) 

Top Tips for CAE – Self-study book with key and CD_ROM (Cambridge ESOL)



Ready for CAE - Roy Norris: Coursebook, Workbook (With Key or Without Key) Teacher's Book + 3 Audio Cassettes + 3 Audio CDs + CD-ROM (Macmillan)

Complete CAE - Guy Brook-Hart and Simon Haines:  Student's Book with CD-ROM / Student's Book with answers and CD-ROM ; Teacher's Book; 3 Class Audio CDs; Student's Book Pack (Student's Book with answers, CD-ROM and 3 Class Audio CDs);  Workbook with Audio CD / Workbook with answers and Audio CD (CUP)


Professor Geoffrey Keith Geoff Pullum

Geoffrey Keith "Geoff" Pullum (1945) is a British-American linguist specialising in the study of English. He is Professor of General Linguistics and Head of Linguistics and English Language at the University of Edinburgh.   Some of his works are: The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language...

Prof. Henri Wittmann

Prof. Henri Wittmann is a famous Canadian linguist. He was born in Alsatia in 1937. After studying at the Sorbonne, he exiled himself to North America. He taught successively at the University of Colorado at Boulder, the University of Alberta in Edmonton, the University of Windsor, McGill...

Prof. David Crystal

Prof. David Crystal is a famous linguist. He has lectured at Bangor University and the University of Reading. He is currently a honorary professor of linguistics at Bangor. His academic interests include: - English language learning and teaching - clinical...

Prof. Wolfgang U. Dressler

Wolfgang U. Dressler (1939) is an Austrian professor of linguistics at the University of Vienna. He has contributed to various fields of linguistics, especially: - phonology - morphology - text linguistics - clinical linguistics - and child language development  He is one of the most...