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Are you looking for new ideas, inspiration and motivation? 

Do you need help teaching certain things?

Would you like to get your learners enjoying your lessons and have fun together?

It sounds like the Genki English Workshop is for you!

The aim of Genki English is to improve English language education of young learners.

“Genki” is a Japanese word meaning “fun”, “full of energy”, “lively”. There is no exact word in other languages to translate it. You just need to try it in your classroom - original songs, worksheets, stories, games, lesson plans and much more...!

What is the aim of the Genki English workshops?

  • To give you tools and confidence your students fulfill their potential!
  • To make your life easier - show you effective and fun activities for teaching children!
  • To solve your teaching problems!  ...

Read more about the results of the research of Genki English and reviews in here.

Do not miss the opportunity to participate in the Genki English workshops this autumn conducted by Richard Graham - founder of Genki English, EFL tutor!


PRAGUE 26 - 27 September  |  NITRA 3 - 4 October  |  WARSAW 10 - 11 October

Time: 9:30 - 17:00 * Completed by: Certificate of Participation

Fee includes: workshop fee, certificate, drinks&snacks, lunch


NITRA 29th September - 1st October

Time: 9:30 - 17:45 * Completed by: Certificate of Licenced Genki English Teacher

Fee includes: workshop fee, certificate&licence, drinks&snacks, lunch

Places limited!

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Professor Geoffrey Keith Geoff Pullum

Geoffrey Keith "Geoff" Pullum (1945) is a British-American linguist specialising in the study of English. He is Professor of General Linguistics and Head of Linguistics and English Language at the University of Edinburgh.   Some of his works are: The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language...

Prof. Henri Wittmann

Prof. Henri Wittmann is a famous Canadian linguist. He was born in Alsatia in 1937. After studying at the Sorbonne, he exiled himself to North America. He taught successively at the University of Colorado at Boulder, the University of Alberta in Edmonton, the University of Windsor, McGill...

Prof. David Crystal

Prof. David Crystal is a famous linguist. He has lectured at Bangor University and the University of Reading. He is currently a honorary professor of linguistics at Bangor. His academic interests include: - English language learning and teaching - clinical...

Prof. Wolfgang U. Dressler

Wolfgang U. Dressler (1939) is an Austrian professor of linguistics at the University of Vienna. He has contributed to various fields of linguistics, especially: - phonology - morphology - text linguistics - clinical linguistics - and child language development  He is one of the most...