7 Deadly Sins - III. AJ


Gymnázium sv. E. Steinovej, Košice

číslo 77 


Sound: ´Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our reality show, the show of survival. Every one of you is confident enough - this is the reason you are here. Your application, your decision is the result of your strong personalities and characters. It´s only up to you if you want to make your life better here and show your best. It is about emotions, affects, impressions, public characters, nerves, achievements, holding on rules and the most important - being sturdy. All I wish you is the discretion towards each other, because this is the key to your victory. There can be only one winner. Now you should unpack your luggage. You have 20 minutes and then wait for your first task. 

Wrath: ´I know I will be the best one and deserve to be the winner. Such a stupid human being sitting on a sofa, looking at me…bah …I can hold emotions inside and stay calm in every situation!´

Envy: ´Oh my nails! She thinks she has the most wonderful manicure in the world made by Los Angeles´ fashion house. What a lie! ´

Gluttony: ´In damnation! They almost ate all the cookies from my grandma. What a business! I am very generous and of course I can give up my cookies, ´cause I am not mean, but … Something for nothing!? No way! ´

Wrath: ´Oh shit. My mother has packed me in the Bible! She is crazy if she thinks I will read these lies.´


Sound: ´Listen! This is your first Task: This task will show your pros and cons. I’ll tell you how to form pairs … one person will be alone. Now listen and match into pairs:

Wrath and Sloth, Lust and Gluttony, Pride and Greed, and Envy will be alone. Wrath and Sloth you are supposed to clean your house. Try to help each other and avoid arguments. Lust and Gluttony: at first, Lust will give you- Gluttony- a feet - massage and then Gluttony as a sign of acknowledgement - will do a favour for Lust: Gluttony, you will prepare a meal- your favourite and very delicious meal. Then, Pride and Greed, try to do something helpful for each other. Greed I know you are the best hairdresser in your city, so make a new wonderful hair style for Pride. Pride will be glad and you will have a chance to show your best.

Envy, you will just be sitting on the coach and u mustn’t talk to anyone of them.

This task looks quite easy, but be careful. All pairs are supposed to stay together until the evening.  Do not forget! : do your best, show your best and get a better life, - that is why you are here. Good luck! …Hear you soon J´

Wrath and Sloth:

W: ´Please, can you tell me what you are doing?´

S: ´As you can see I am walking.´

W: ´We have a task and we are supposed to do it together! ´

S: ´Sorry, I did not have breakfast and I am tired now. I need a rest.´

W: ´Look! There are 7 of us here. I will not clean it on my own! ´

S: ´I am not telling you to do it. You don’t have to clean it, nobody will notice that.´

W: ´Sorry, I must complain. If u want to tease me, come on, come on…such a stupid lazy being! You stinky skunk! Are you satisfied doing nothing?! I will not clean it on my own! Do you understand, and in the evening when the Sound comes, I will just tell him what a Fitch worked with me!´

W: ´I´d like to change the rug. Excuse me, can I just pass through? ´

S: ´No, can’t you see I am relaxing? I will help you later.´


Lust and Gluttony:

L: ´So, ohm…you should sit down….or would you mind lying on the floor? This position would be        better for me! ´

G: ´Ok…I can lie down…I don´t mind.´

L: ´Is it comfortable for you? ´

G: ´Yes, but it also tickles! I will better eat my last cookie.´

L: ´It isn’t involved in my task, but I like doing favours to others, to make others happy.´

G: ´Ok….I´ll better eat my last cookie! I have an idea. What do you think about making a very special meal for you? ´

L: ´I have not finished yet, but if you insist. You can start.´

G: ´I´m going to make a very special menu. The main ingredient is milk, and then - the second very important part of my menu are cookies. Not usual cookies, but very special cookies.´

L: ´Oh, what a wonderful menu – so hot! It smells…it smells…hmm…so milky.´

L: ´I am full. One biscuit! I am going to have a pizza as the super result of your tasty menu.´

W: ´Hey Bungler! Go fly a kite with your cookies! I´ve just changed the rug!´

G: ´Ok ok, calm down.´


Pride and Greed:

P: ´I did not know you are the best hairdresser in your city.´

G: ´Now you know.´

P: ´So, which kinds of hair style can you fascinate me most with? ´

G: ´Sit down and you will see.´

P: ´But be careful! Be careful! My hair is my crown! Everything about me is super, perfect, wonderful, and fabulous, amazing, but my hair is as important as breathing. It took a very long time growing it.´

G: ´Ok. Don’t worry I will do my best.´

P: ´Are you finished? ´

G: ´It´s almost ready! ´

P: ´You should have it finished.´

G: ´Done! I am finished.´

P: ´But my hair!! My hair is no longer my crown. What have you done with my hair? ´

G: ´Sorry, maybe it hasn’t been in a green light to do you a favour.´


Wrath: ´What rubbish! Don’t look at me stupidly like at an apparition. ´Don´t pretend you are an unsuspecting pigeon walking in the street. I am asking for the last time. Is this your sock? ´

Envy: ´Why are you asking such a stupid question? You have been disturbing me all the time, so I´ve started to speak. Thank you for your warm heart buddy! Do you want to try what it is like to sit and be quiet? Everyone was talking, doing normal tasks, but me…only ME! ´

Wrath: ´So you’ve broken the promise.´

Envy: ´You don’t say! Nobody has to sit quietly without moving, without laughing, without explaining, playing…and so on!! It´s not fair…the Bible? Nothing interesting.´


Sound: ´Hello everybody! Please sit down and listen to me. I am going to ask some questions. Please answer only with YES or NO. Is it clear? ´

Everybody: ´Yes.´

Sound: ´Have you enjoyed your tasks? Are you satisfied with your effort? Did you manage to do your best? Envy! Your task was to be alone, sit on the coach and be quiet. You’ve broken your promise, you should be punished but you can take the second chance and get right what you haven’t. Nobody’s perfect and today you showed some of your flaws. You are here to make your life better, to show your best…why don’t you catch the chance and try to be special? Every one of you has a different character, if you want to be a winner you should begin to fight with the most righteous weapons, with peace and with love! Are you confident? Ok. Are you too confident? You’d better think about yourselves. ´

Lust: ´What is our 2.Task? ´

Sound: ´To THINK! ´


At night:

Gluttony: ´Oh my last pack of cookies! Hey! Where are you going? To get some fresh air? ´

Lust: ´No, to the toilet.´

Gluttony: ´I think the toilets are there.´

Lust: ´You know, I think I´ve done my task, our task –To Think. I was thinking for so long that I realised why I am here. And now I know. I am going to get better what I did not and maybe at last I will find my way and the one who will love me as much as possible. Go to bed Honey. Bye! ´

Gluttony: ´Wait, -outside- means some cookies? ´

Lust: ´Surely! ´

Gluttony: ´Then I am going with you. And maybe I will find more COOKIES! ´

Spectre: ´Bah, you bunch of jerks! Instead of victory you prefer better life, and cookies?! ´


In the morning:

Envy: ´Good morning plonkers. What should we do today? Ohm, excuse me, I need to get on the coach. Excuse me; can I just get to the coach? ´

Sloth: ´ Don´ you see I am relaxing? But do not be shy, I don´t mind if you lie down on the floor.´

Wrath: ´ I´ve just found some underwear and I´d like to know who is  its owner.´

Gluttony: ´I think it is hers.´

Pride: ´Oh! Get out! Oh, my Versace panties. My darling, where have you been?

Sloth: ´She is a bit of an airhead.´

Envy: ´A bit small size, don´t you think so? ´

Pride: ´Nothing is larger than your waist-line.´

Wrath: ´Yesterday I was cleaning it there, on my own as you know, so next time whatever I find lying on the floor, OR flying in the air, I´ll throw away and I do not mind your emotions! Are you kidding me? ´ 

Sloth: ´Maybe.´

Sound: ´Dear friends, you surely all agree there is almost nothing worse to see than...than your behaviour towards each other. It is really funny and absurd at the same time to watch you. Did anyone of you notice that there are only 5 of you? Did anyone of you give up something in the past? Did anyone of you hear the word LOVE; did anyone of you feel its strength? Life is too short to be spent hating someone. You should be busy loving others. Don´t you mind that empty feeling of prejudices in your hearts? You have been making the same mistakes for so long that you should start to call it a tradition. Do you know the actual meaning of maturity? Just try to care more about the ones around you.´

Spectre: ´What a lie! Don´t you think? Do not get upset with words full of emptiness. He wants you to become obedient, stupid, and ordinary people with nothing to offer and with fear in their chest.´

Gluttony: ´It´s my time! I am 21 and I have a long time to payback everybody for everything they did for me. I´d like to save myself. I cannot be such an insensitive thing. I was so fool and blinded with my pride and arrogance. I want to live, not just be alive.´

Wrath: ´So do I! I lost my dearest friends, I am lost! I´ve fallen down but I want to raise myself. The nicest thing about our being is the knowledge about the beauty of the world. I´d like to give my love and smile to people. I don´t want to live the way I used to. I want to learn to feel, BUT without you. Without you my life will be better! ´

Envy: ´It’s you who caused that empty feeling in my heart. I am mad at myself! ´

Sloth: ´I am mad about always having been bad, blockheaded and lazy. I am mad about respecting you all the time.´

Envy: ´I am mad about being attached to you, but most of all I am mad about not hating you when I should! ´

Pride: ´What are you doing? Oh sorry! ´

Sound: ´It was a hard and a long way but it was worth it.´