Dawelbeitova Ema - I. AJ


The Dream Land

By : Ema Dawelbeitová

Šúkromná základná škola Bellamos Martin, 4.ročník

číslo 35


One evening I found myself in the dream land. I looked everywhere to find my way out of Dream land, but I saw milions of magnificent butterflies.

I whispered : „Do you know the way out of this ancient place?“

The spectacular butterflies showed me the way to the yummy castle, made of delicious chocolate and sweets.

At the front of the castle I saw guards dressed in bright red marzipan uniforms with hats made of liquorice. I went down the gingerbread hall. In the first room I saw a swimming pool made of melted chocolate.

In the second room there was a bouncy castle made of gummy bears.

In the last I found the queen Coco. The queen had a big, fluffy, pink dress made of cotton candy.

The queen asked :„Hello, who are you?“ I answered : „My name is Ema your majesty. Please, can you help me find my way out of Dream land?“ The queen whispered : „Step inside magical box.“

I complained „Can I really trust you queen Coco?“

I decided to go in. I climbed into the box and shot my eyes closed. In a flash I was in my cosy safe bed covered with my velvety blanket.

Later my mum yelled :

„Time to wake up for school Ema !!!“

I never knew if it was real or dream....