Father Frost - II. AJ


 Father Frost

ZŠ Sv. J. Krstiteľa, Spišské Vlachy

číslo 71


Once upon a time there was a typical Russian village with a cinema, football stadium, grocery’s and church. In that village there was a small house; there lived a beautiful girl with gold heart and a wicked stepmother with the ugliest daughter.


Marfa: (lazily, spoilt) Muuum! I wanna get married! I want a man!

Mother: Get married! Marfuska, angel! We will immediately send an envoy to the world to find the moooost beautiful groom for the moooost beautiful bride!

Nastenka: Mother….. I’d like to get married either….

Marfa: YOU????? HA-HA-HA! (hits her head) AAAAAAAA (cries)

Mother: Here, love, your lollipop. (looks at Nasta) Look what you’ve done!

And you…! Such a witch like you will never find a man! Marfuska, angel, is the prettiest in the

world. She will get the most handsome groom with the biggest dowry…! Shoo to work!!!

Hey, postman, envoy or whatever! Where are you? Come on here! Go to the wide world and find        an appropriate groom for Marfuska!  (points a finger) And may he be handsome but mainly rich! Do you hear me? Don’t come back without him! (kicks him, the envoy runs)


In the meantime there was pretty confident swain happily walking through the forest, nobly called Ivanuska. If there was something he loved more than the Russian ice-cream, it was him looking in the mirror. As he was hopping, he met the envoy.


Ivan: I’m soooo good looking. Oh, how beautiful I am!


Ivan: What are you starring at?!

Envoy: You’re so beautiful!

Ivan: I know….!

Envoy: My landlady sent me out to the world to find a groom for her daughter.

Ivan: (curiously) Tell me, is her daughter pretty?

Envoy: Ehmm…. sure…

Ivan: Then – guide me.

After the never-ending journey they finally got to their destination. When Ivan knocks the door he can’t believe what he sees. The girl, who opens the door, seems to be even prettier than Ivanuska….


Nasta: Hello.

Ivan: Hi. How are you? (like Joey)

Nasta: (shy, head down) My name is Nastenka. And who are you?

Ivan: (proudly, nobly) I am Ivan. You really are beautiful! Just as I heard!

Mother: Marfuska, the suiter’s here! (hits Nasta away, Marfa runs to the door)

Ivan: (gets scared) AAAAAAA! (catches his head)

          What is this?!

Mother: This is our Marfuska, our beauty, the angel! Your bride!

Ivan: No, thanks. I only want Nasta or none!

Marfa: (screams) Muuuuuuuuum!

Mother: Here, your lollipop, love….tsch….

            And you Nasta, get out of my house! (grabs her, Nasta leaves) You can only come back when

            Marfuska becomes a wife!

            (faces to Ivan) Ivanuska, here…. Marfuska’s offering you her hand….

Ivan: I don’t want it!

Mother: You do!

Ivan: I don’t!

Marfa: (screams) Muuuuuuuum! (hits her head, bigger scream)

Mother: So if you don’t want our angel Marfuska, GET LOST!

Ivan: I will. But I’ll find Nasta. And I’ll marry her!

Mother: (kicks him, Ivan runs) Shooo!


Nastenka, crouched in the forest, is shaking of cold. When it seems really bad, a little light of hope twinkles.


Frozen: Are you warm, my dear?

Nasta: I am, granny.

Frozen: Oh! You are freezing! Come with me, I’ll take care of you.

Nasta: How good you are, granny….

While Ivanuska is digging  through the forest – looking for his love – he meets an elf who tells him to go to Baba Jaga’s chalupka on the chlpata nozka. She might know the way that Ivan needs to go.


Ivan: Baba Jaga, come on out!

Baba Jaga: (yawing) Who is waking me up?

Ivan: It’s me – Ivan. Didn’t you see a beautiful girl? Nasta is her name. She’s going to be my wife!

Baba Jaga: So Ivan you say… Chalupka on the chlpata nozka, face to the forest and ….…..the other side to


Ivan: (stamps) Chalupka on the chlpata nozka, face to me and …….. the other side to the forest!

Baba Jaga: Face to the forest, back to Ivan!

Ivan: Face to me, back to the forest!

Baba Jaga: Oi! You’ll make my chalupka crazy….!

Ivan: So answer my question and I’ll leave.

Baba Jaga: (disappointed) All right then. Go to the end of the forest until you see a house covered by snow                 and ice. There lives Mr Frozen. He’s got your bride.

Ivan: Thank you, Baba. (leaves and turns) Chalupka on the chlpata nozka, face to me and …..the other side

           to the forest!


Ivan quickly gets to Frozen’s house and finds his beloved girl.


Nasta: (softly) Ivan!

Ivan: (deep) Nasta!

Nasta: Ivan!

Ivan: Nasta! (they hug, kiss on the cheek)

Mr Frozen gave them horses hitched for the journey and huge dowry for their wedding. When they arrived to Nasta’s village, the step-mother with Marfa welcomed them roughly.


Marfa: Muuuuuuum! I want a groom! I’m going to the forest! Pack me with sausages and bacon!

So greedy Marfusa, fully packed, starts her journey of love. Under the same tree she finds the same surprise.


Frozen: Are you warm, my dear?

Marfa: Are you mad, you old fool?! It’s minus 15, summer looks different.

         Gimme the groom! And the dowry as you gave to Nasta!

Frozen: The groom….? The dowry….? And a magic word???

Marfa: HANKY PANKY! (grabs him and shakes)

         Quickly! Or I don’t know myself!

Frozen: Here is your dowry, girl. This is what you deserve.

Marfa: AAAAAAAA!!!!! (screams, lies on two pigs,leaves)