Kostelanský Dominik - III. AJ


Fallen World by Dominik Kostelanský

SOŠOaS, Zlaté Moravce

číslo 55


When this world falls,
 evil'll come here,
 killing everyone,
who has good thoughts.


No one'll be saved,
maybe just those,
who have bad thoughts,
 but then will be killed,
 in the other world.


 Other side's waiting,
 waiting for you,
maybe it's time,
to destroy this world.

 Seventh age comes,
 monsters are here,
big dragon is flying,
 and the sky is falling.

 Bring me back to life,
said the lost soul,
I want to kill,
 that damned evil God.

Ritual of Evil,
 a bloody sacrifice,
 humans without souls,
 devil is now in the world.


 World fell,
humans don't exist,
 Devil won,
and God is killed.

 Other side was destroyed,
bloody sacrifice was made,
 paradise got lost,
and new age is here now.

Fire of the evil,
burnt everything,
 water from the oceans,
flooded the charred world.


Monsters from the elder myths,
 are living now on Earth,
 and every good thing,
 is now just a myth.