Leprechaun Hide-n-Seek - II. AJ


Leprechaun Hide-n-seek by Jessica Brandobur
ZŠ G. Haina 37, Levoča

číslo 72



Leprechaun – Lucia Hradiská
Narrator – Jessica Brandobur
Easter Bunny – Lucia Rabadová
Jack Skellington – Adrián Vanacký
Cupid – Daniela Višňovská
Turkey – Karolina Kašperová
Santa Claus – Robin Polák
Mrs. Claus – Simona Smiková
Mother – Martina Slavkovská

In hometown:
Leprechaun – (looks around) Oh boy! Where should I hide? Do you have any idea where I could possibly hide? …. No, okay.
Narrator – (shouts) Where are you?
Leprechaun – Better run, catch you guys later! (runs off)
Narrator: Oh golly! (looks at audience) Well, hello there. May I ask, have you seen a leprechaun? He went that way? (points in direction) Alright, thanks!
Leprechaun – Haha, this is fun. She didn’t catch me yet? Well, she will soon, let’s hide in this tree! (goes into tree)
Narrator – (pants) I’m so exhausted! Where has she gone?
-Leprechaun runs behind narrator-
Narrator – (leans on tree) Woah, what’s this? Let’s go inside, after all the leprechaun might’ve gone there!
On Easter Egg Island:
Narrator – (comes out of tree) Wow, where are we? There are a lot of totems and decorated eggs on the floor. Wait… it’s Easter!
Easter Bunny – (hops over to narrator while making bunny noises) Hi, what are you doing here?
Narrator – Well, I’m looking for a leprechaun, have you seen one?
Easter Bunny – Does he look like a decorated egg?
Narrator – (sadly replies) No.
Easter Bunny – (sympathetically) Then sadly, no.
Narrator – Alright, I’ll try my luck in the next holiday.
Easter Bunny – Okay, good luck and bye!
Narrator – Bye. (goes in Halloween town tree)
In Halloween Town:
Narrator – Woah, what is this place? It’s so dark and eerie. Pumpkins are lit and cobwebs hang almost everywhere.
Jack Skellington – Why, hello.
Narrator – (screams in shock) Who are you?
Jack Skellington – Why, the king of Halloween.
Narrator – Oh, I’m in Halloween Town?
Jack Skellington – Most certainly.
Narrator – Anyway, have you seen a leprechaun?
Jack Skellington – (chuckles) Here, in Halloween town?
Narrator – Yes, you see the leprechaun I’m looking for came into the Halloween holiday.
Jack Skellington – Haven’t seen him.
Narrator – Okay, I guess I’ll go,
Jack Skellington – Oh, and…
Narrator – (cuts off sentence) Yes?
Jack Skellington – Next year, on trick-or-treating put more candy outside of your house.
Narrator – Um… sure.
Jack Skellington – Thank you.
Narrator – Bye. (goes in Thanksgiving tree)
In Thanksgiving land:
Narrator – Where am I? The grass is so green and there are many trees. Mostly evergreens. And it’s a bit chilly out.
Turkey – (makes turkey noises) Who are you?
Narrator – I’m just looking for a leprechaun.
Turkey – Here? The only thing I’ve seen around here are Indians and Pilgrims.
Narrator – Indians? Pilgrims? Who are they?
Turkey – Pilgrims came to live here, in America. As for the Indians, they’ve lived here for a long time.
Narrator- Oh, it’s Thanksgiving!
Turkey – Yes.
Narrator – Anyway, have you seen a leprechaun?
Turkey – (sighs) I’ve told you, no.
Narrator – Okay, I think I might go.
Turkey – See ya!
Narrator – Bye. (goes in Christmas land tree)
In Christmas land/North Pole:
Leprechaun – (runs across stage)
Narrator – (comes out of tree) My my, this place is cold! Wait a minute, this is Christmas! I mean where in the world would there be life sized gingerbread houses and so many pixie lights? (shudders) It’s quite cold out. (sees a stable) Oh look, a stable (points at stable) let’s go inside, after all it’s not like the reindeer will eat me.
Santa Claus – Hohoho, (marks off list) naughty, nice, nice, nice, naughty, oh Emily you’ve been very nice. Mrs. Claus, would you come here for a moment?
Mrs. Claus – Yes dear?
Santa Claus – Would you give me some cookies please?
Mrs. Claus – Of course dear! (runs off to get cookies and passes them to Santa Claus) Here you go!
Santa Claus – Thank you. (eats one cookie) Mmmmm… they’re wonderful!
Mrs. Claus – Well, better run! We need to bake more sweets.
Santa Claus – Okay then.
Santa Claus – I wonder where Rudolf is. (yells) RUDOLF! He’s probably sleeping in the stable or training for our Christmas flight. Let’s go see. (walks over to stable) Oh my! There’s a girl sleeping here, I know her… (scrolls down Naughty&Nice list) Here she is! Her name is Jessica! (says Jessica louder than other parts in the sentence, making Narrator wake up)
Narrator – (screams) Who are you?
Santa Claus – Who else has a long big beard and hat?
Narrator – (thinks) Santa Claus!
Santa Claus – Yes.
Narrator – By the way, have you seen a leprechaun by any chance?
Santa Claus – Nothing other than my elves.
Narrator – (sadly) Okay, I’ll be on my way.
Santa Claus – Bye.
Narrator – (goes into Valentine’s Day tree)
In Valentine’s Day world:
Narrator – (comes out of tree and sighs) I still haven’t found her. What about this palce? The colors pink, red and maroon.
Cupid – (shoots arrow near Narrator) Hi!
Narrator – (scared) W—Would you mind putting that down, i—it kind of freaks me out.
Cupid – (looks at bow) Oh this? It’s harmless, it only makes people fall madly in love.
Narrator – (annoyed) Oh, it’s Valentine’s Day, isn’t it?
Cupid – Yeah!
Narrator – Did you see a leprechaun anywhere?
Cupid – (sympathetically) No.
Narrator – Okay.
Cupid – Bye!
Narrator – (goes in tree)
Back in Hometown:
Narrator – It’s almost past St. Patrick’s Day and I still haven’t found the leprechaun. All I wanted was one wish, for my mother to be healthy again.
Leprechaun – (jumps out of hiding place) You should have said so.
Narrator – (surprised) Leprechaun! Here you are, so will you help me?
Leprechaun – Bring me a pot of gold.
Narrator – Where will I ever find that?
Leprechaun – (sees a rainbow and points) There.
Narrator – Oh! A rainbow, wait here. (runs off to the rainbow) Here you go (gives pot of gold).
Leprechaun – (shakes pot of gold) Thanks! Now in my gratitude, your mother is now healthy again.
Narrator – (runs into mother’s room) Mom!
Mother – Hi sweetheart!
Narrator – You’re finally healthy again.
Mother – Where have you been?
 Narrator – I’ve been looking for a leprechaun to make you healthy again.
Mother – Oh okay, now we can have fun like we always had.
Narrator – Yes! (takes mother’s hand and both start chasing each other)
Narrator – (turns to audience) Oh and thank you for helping me and for being an amazing audience. Until next time, bye!