Little MIO - II. AJ


Little Mio

By Martina Polohová and students from Narnia Elementary School

Adaptted by Jana Patterson

ZŠ Narnia Okružná 2, Banská Bystrica

číslo 73


Mrs. Sweet:

It’s morning and my town

Is waking up right now,

But I’ve been baking all night long

For everyone.

Can you smell that?


Mrs. Vitamin:

My vitamins her cake,

Which one will you take?

The cake is sweet and tender

But veggies keep you slender.

Just look at me!


Mrs. Book:

Oh, eating, eating, eating…

You should take care of your mind.

History, poetry, science,

You don’t want to be left  behind.

You should study as I do!



Wendeville, uhm, Wendeville,

We are the people from Wendeville.

Wendeville, uhm, Wendeville,

We are the people who live here.


Miss. Song:

Violin, singing, dancing

That’s what I really love.

If you’d like to be fancy

I’ll gladly show you how.

Do you want to be like me?


Miss. Drama:

Concerts, singing, dancing

But I like acting more.

It is quite fantastic

To be loved by a fine hero.

Come and watch me sometime…




If you are burdened and lonely

You don’t know what to do,

Come to his church and share it.

he will be there for you.


Pastor: Come any time. There is my church right there.





I often feel lonely

But I do have friends.

There is my good friend Mio

I think she is the best.

Look -  it’s her – Mio!


 All of us are Mios,

 Five sisters we are.

Now listen to the story

Of the most important one.



Oh, we must go to work!

Oh, school!


Mrs. Vitamin: Good morning, Mrs. Sweet. Isn’t it early to be baking?

Mrs. Sweet: Good morning. It is never too early to bake. You know, sweets are just sweets.

Mrs. Book: Oh no, food again! Do you ever talk about anything else? Like poetry, history or science? You know Mrs. Sweet there are chemical processes happening in the cake while it is baking.

Mrs. Sweet: I am not sure of that but one thing I do know. You are ready for breakfast.

Mrs. Book: Yuck, food again.

Mrs. Sweet: But you are hungry. Don’t you want a nice, warm piece of cake?

Mrs. Vitamin: Or a nice, healthy piece of fruit…

Mrs. Book: OK, alright. I am hungry. I would like some apple pie.

Mrs. Vitamin: But…

Mrs. Book: And one banana, please.


Kate, Jessie: Good morning Mrs. Vitamin. Good morning Mrs. Sweet.

Kate: How are you this morning?

Mrs. Vitamin: I am fine darling, thank you. And how are you and your sisters? Why aren’t you at school?

Jessie: We don’t go to school. We have no money… But that will change soon.

Kate: We are so tired of waiting!

Mrs. Book:  What’s going on?

Jessie: Don’t you know? We are waiting for a letter from the king.

Mrs. Sweet: (clasps hands) A letter from the king?

Jessie: Yes, you really don’t know!? Our pastor wrote a letter to the king about us 5 orphaned sisters in town.

Mrs. Sweet: Oh, that’s nice of our pastor.

Kate: Yes, it is. But all this waiting is making us nervous.

Jessie: We are afraid that the king will divide us. What if he sends us to different families or different towns. We won’t see each other anymore!

 Mrs. Vitamin: Yes, it’s possible. But I am sure the king will find the best solution. He is kind.

Mrs. Vitamin: Now, here you are. Take some vitamins.

Jessie: But we only have 1 euro.

Mrs. Vitamin: Don’t worry. Give me your euro and take all these apples for your sisters.

Jessie: Thank you, Mrs. Vitamin.

Mrs. Sweet: Come here darling. I have a cake for you. Eat it and try to smile.

Kate: Thank you.

Kate, Jessie: Bye, Mrs. Sweet. Bye Mrs. Vitamin.


Messenger: Hello Weldensville! Hear the message from the King!

I, King Phillip, am coming to Weldensville in a few weeks to adopt the most important ones. I am looking forward to meeting you.

These are the words of the king.


The most important ones?

Miss. Drama: What does this mean?

Mrs. Book: Who is the most important one?

Mrs. Sweet: Oh, I am sure he will adopt Kate. She has golden hands.

Mrs. Book:  No, he will adopt Lea. She is so clever.

Mrs. Vitamin: This is all nonsense.

Miss. Song: I also think there must be some misunderstanding.


Mrs. Book: Lea, don’t worry. You are so smart. Come to my library every day and I will teach you. You will know everything. The king will not be able to resist your wisdom, you will be the most important one.

Miss. Song: Oh, no! Amy! Don’t cry! You have a musical talent. I’ll help you learn to sing. I’m sure the king will think you are the most important one.

 Yes, Amy, darling! You will be the best! I will give you voice lessons and Miss. Drama will teach you the art of acting. You will be like a princess!

Mrs. Sweet: Kate! What about coming to my bakery every day to learn some baking. You will be the most important when you offer my apple pie to the King.

Mrs. Vitamin: You can have all of my best apples. You know, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Kate: Thank you Mrs. Vitamin, thank you, Mrs. Sweet. You’re kind.


Jessie: Go ahead everyone! Go ahead, try to be the most important one! I am going to shoot some baskets! The King will be so impressed when he sees my athletic disposition. I don’t think you can beat me!

Little Mio: Wait Jessie! Wait Kate,Lea, Amy! Wait! What are you doing? What about me? What about our family?


Kate: I am sorry, Little Mio.

Jessie: Little Mio, don’t you understand? The king will adopt the most important one. Nobody wants to stay a poor orphan when they can become a princess. This is our chance!


Amy: I know Little Mio. I am sad, too. I don’t know how this is going to turn out. But this is our chance!

Jessie: Go Little Mio, find something useful to do. We need to get busy. And don’t you worry.  Everything is going to be OK.


Little M: Pastor, there is something wrong.

Pastor: What do you mean?

Little M: All my sisters left. They are busy becoming the most important. They want to impress the king! But what about me? What about our family?

Pastor: You have a very good heart, Little Mio. Don’t worry. The King might choose you as well.

Little M: Me?

Pastor: Yes, you, take heart, Little Mio.


Little M: I know what I will do. I will go see my sisters and perhaps they will teach me something special they know. But I don’t have much time.


Little M: That’s not a good idea. I would rather go see Lea and Mrs. Book.

Jessie: Good luck!

Reading, learning, basketball is better than reading!


Reading, learning it’s amazing,

You can conquer the world.

Music by Gershwin: I Got Rhythm


Lea: What are you doing Little Mio? You can’t read!

Little M: No, I can’t. Could you teach me, please? I ‘d like to try to be the most important one.

Mrs. Book: Well, that’s great Little Mio, but it takes a long time to learn to read. You know, the king is coming any day and Lea needs to study. There is not much time left. I am sorry.

Lea: Maybe you could go see Amy.  You can already play a little bit. She might help you sing.



Miss. Drama:

You were once a hopeless orphan,

An orphan with no future.

You were once a lonely orphan,

The letter changed your future.


Too many years fighting back tears,

Why can’t the past just die?

Amy, Miss. Song:

Wishing I/you could have a happy home.

Wishing I/you could have a life.

Sometimes it seemed if I/you just dreamed

Somehow fate would change.

No more memories, no more silent tears,

no more gazing across the wasted years.


Help me say good bye!

Music  by A. L. Webber: Whishing You Were Somehow Here Again


Amy: Little Mio, did you hear that?

Little M: Yes, Amy, it was beautiful, just beautiful!

Amy: Thank you, Little Mio.

Little M: Could you please teach me how to sing? I would like to try to be the most important one, too.

Amy: Little Mio, singing is not something you can learn, it’s something you are born with.  I am sorry, Little Mio.

Little M: But, I…

Miss. Voice: Ah Amy, what a talent. You surprised us all.

Miss. Drama: Ready to become a princess and we all know what we mean.


Kate: Hey, everybody, try my cake!

Mrs. Sweet: Help yourselves. You will love it.

Mrs. Vitamin: Kate ‘s got golden hands. She is perfectly ready to bake for the King!

Crowds: Delicious, fantastic.

Miss. Song: Very nice, but no offence, I believe the King would rather have a Princess than a Cook.

Little Mio: What? I don’t want the King to adopt only one of us I want my whole family to stay together. I want all my sisters.


Kate: Little Mio, I am sorry, I want to stay with you too. But tell the truth. If the King chooses you, only you, wouldn’t you be happy?

Little M: Pause. No, Kate. I would prefer to stay an orphan. I would prefer to be with you. Forever.

Kate: Really.


Lony: Hi, Little Mio, how are you?

Little M: Oh. Lony, you always show up when I am sad. And then I can’t be sad any more. You are hungry, aren’t you  - Lony, we have a cake at home! Kate made it. It’s very good. She is a great baker .


Little M: Oh, I am sorry sir, I didn’t  see you.

Man: Never mind. You look very happy.

Little M: Happy? Well, yes, I was sad but now I am happy.

Man: May I ask why were you sad and why are you happy now?

Little M: Sure. But first help yourself to some cake. It’s very good. My sister made it. I brought it for my friend Lony but we can share. Here you are.

Lony: Thank you, Little Mio. See you later.

Little M: Bye Lony.

Man: Thank you, the cake is very good. Are you going to have some?

Little M: No, thanks. See I have 4 more sisters. They are all very good at something but me. I don’t even have my own name. My parents died before they named me. We are 5 Mio orphans and they call me Little Mio, just like that.

Man: You have a beautiful name.

Little M: You think so?!  But see, our king is deciding to adopt us, well actually the most important ones. I am afraid the king will choose only one of us and I will never see my sister again. Or if the king chooses more than one, he surely won’t choose me.

Man: Why not Little Mio?

Little M: Don’t you understand?

Man: I think maybe you don’t understand everything. You have a very good heart, Little Mio. Don’t worry. The King might choose you as well.

Little Mio: Me? The pastor said the same thing…


Amy: Little Mio, have you heard? The king is in town!

Little M: Have you seen him?

Kate: No, but people say he is in a hotel.

Little M: Oh, no, I’m afraid you’ll leave me.

Jessie: If we do, Little Mio, we will never forget you.


Pastor: Good afternoon, Mios. This is your big day. Look, his majesty, king Philip came to take you to his castle. Are you excited?

Little Mio (softly): You, you are king Philip?

King: Yes, Little Mio, I am king Philip and I came to take the most important ones to my castle. Come all of you who are important!


Kate: Your majesty, I have this humble gift for you. I baked it myself.

Lea: My king, I studied very heard, I can offer you all the wisdom of this world.

Amy: If you please, I can make your heart happy with my beautiful song.

Jessie: I am the tough one. I can be very useful in protecting your kingdom.


King: And what about you Little Mio? Aren’t you going to offer anything special to me?

Little Mio: I am afraid not.

King: It’s very kind of you to offer your special gifts to me but there is something you don’t understand. Little Mio, do you remember that I told you your name was special? In fact it is very special. It stands for Most Important One.

Jessie: What? I don’t understand.


M – for the most

I – for important

O – for one

All of you are the Most Important Ones. I came to adopt you not because of what you can do for me but because I care for you and want to provide a home for you.

This is my little secret.

Jessie: I get it now.


Amy: M – most

Kate: I – important

Lea: O – one

Little Mio: Mio means the most important one. You came to adopt all of us!

King: Yes, Little Mio. Now do you understand how beautiful your name is? And so is your heart. A heart that loves others as much as yourself or more. And loving others is even more important than being the most important one.

Will you accept my offer of a royal home?!