Poloha Natanael - II. AJ


When Boys Fall In Love by Natanael Poloha

ZŠ Narnia, Okružná 2, Banská Bystrica

číslo 44


When boys like me fall in love,

it looks sometimes a bit funny.

When the girl he loves comes out,

he´s red all over his body.


When she asks him: „What is wrong?“

His heart makes sounds of a gong..

He might really explode now!

And she just looks with a smile..


(She) doesn´t seem to understand.

„What is going on with you?“

(She) looks like one from a music band..

„Can we have an interview?“


He is happy, but not wise.

„Hello can we have it now?“

„Fine,“ he says, „Say, Am I nice?

Because I am, I´m in love..“


She doesn´t have any words.

She doesn´t know what to say.

Finally with laugh she bursts

and she says: „Oh no! No way!“


„Why then - were you nice to me?“

The boy doesn´t understand.

„I tought you´d been into me

when you were so smiling, glad

always when I entered room

you were there and here for me.

I really thought you liked me.

Now I know I was a fool.“


I want to be really wise.

Next time I´ll be careful.

I don´t wanna be a man

who´s red because of a girl.


I want to be a free one

and I wanna distinguish

the girls who are only pretty

from the ones who are precious.


I will meet a great girl ones

(I hope so, you understand..)

The one with the heart that´s nice.

She will give me her small hand

and we will not only date.

Our relationship will be great.

She will be my dearest friend

and I will be the friend of her.


She will say „yes“ when I ask

without any stupid mask.