Zajíčková Lucia - II. AJ


The biggest experience of my life

číslo 46


     This story began a few whiles down the road, when I was 7 years old, sitting in front of the TV in the living room and watching the christmas programe. There was a spectacle of the Cirque du soleil going on. Firstly, I tought it would be a spectacle simmilar to spectacles of other circuses. After a while I realized, that I hadn´t seen such a thing in my life. The acrobats were performing very dangerous peepshows in colossal hights, others were juggling with fifteen circles at once, or there were clauns entertaining people with no need of speech. But there was something else extraordinary about this spectacle-it reprezented one story. We all were enthused about it. My dad even said: „If the Cirque du soleil is performing somewhere nearby, it will be an amazing thing to see it live.“     

    I dindn´t get those words serious in that while.  The days were passing by and suddenly I was tvelwe. The Christmas came. We unpacked the presents and were happy. In one of the presents I found many little things and one envelope. In first moment I tought it was money. I opened it and I was really surprised because it wasn´t money. There were two pieces of paper with a title on them saing Cirque du soleil-Saltimbanco in the envelope. I didn´t know what it was so I asked my parents. My dad asked me:“ Don´t you recognize Cirque du soleil?“ In that moment I got it! I was holding two tickets to Cirque du soleil´s performance Saltimbanco in my hands. I didn´t know what to do in that moment so I was just standing and smiling.

      About a week before the spectacle it came to my mind again. „When are we going to go there? How are we getting there? When are we going to come back?“ I was really excited about it!

And finally, that day came. When we arrived to Bratislava for a moment we were wandering through the town because we had a little time.   We went to the stadium. Employees who were standing near every entrance showed us where to sit. I was happy because we had a good view .

      At the beggining a czech acrobat greeted and welcomed us and the show started. Three acrobats came and during their spectacle I tought they were made of gum because they were stretching out and twisting like it was normal. Later a couple of men came and showed some trick on a long rods. They looked like colorful worms crawling on the trees. After them a woman introduced herself and she was walking on a rope in a big hights and jumping from one rope to another. It looked like it was really difficult. I don´t know how to describe another performance because it was quite strange and I hadn´t seen such a thing before. A man and a woman were holding something like jumping ropes with balls on the both ends and were twisting with the ropes and beating at the ground. This created some kind of regular and interesting rythm. Later acrobats on swings, slow acrobats and acrobats on ropes came but I liked two performances the most: women on trapeze and a claun. The women were hanging high beyond our heads and were swinging and during this one of the women was upthrowing the other and catching her. I was really scared that one of the women would fall but fortunately it didn´t happen. The claun chose one volunteer from the audience and was playing some scene with him. But the claun wasn´t talking, only making sounds describing everything. It was very funny. During the whole performance the musicians from the circus were playing and a singer with a nice voice was singing. I think I had my mouth open during the whole performance od the circus. It´s an indescribable experience. It was a good idea to see the circus live. I will never forget this experience. Thank you.

                                                                         Lucia Zajíčková, ZŠ s MŠ Úbrež 141