Petra Vanáková - Jazykový kvet 2013 - VT



Author: Petra Vanáková

Gymnázium Varšavská, Žilina; kategória III. AJ a) VT


Even though we don’t stand a chance.
We still can make the devil dance.
When that silent day came...
I’m not the one who carries the blame.


Why do I still feel so guilty?
I don’t need anyone’s pity.
I’m not alone. Take my hand.
Solitude is my sworn accompainment.


Time won’t stop, clock keeps going.
This won’t be the end of story.
My heart is trembling, this anxiety.
You’re just a human entity,filthy.


Our escape won’t be a success.
We were born in chains of tiny dreams.
We’re prisoners of living.
We’re prisoners of death.


Gentle breath is tickling my neck.
I pray. Don’t let my life waste.
Realease me from this dungeon.
My collar is too tight, let me grow.