The Greatest Treasure - Jazykový kvet 2013 - VT



Author: žiaci ZŠ + Mgr. Ľubica Bajjaniová

ZŠ Stará Turá; kategória II. AJ b) VT


Voice: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our ZOO, the place where animals from around the world leave their peaceful life. Enjoy your time and, please don´t feed our animals.

Lame monkey: My name is Quasi. I have been living here since birthday. I was born lame. But I don´t complain. I can not change what I am like, so I accepted it, otherwise I would get very very sad. I feel just the joy. The joy of being alive. I have a mission to complete in this life. To teach the others how to improve their lives even if they don´t find it possible. I will join my friends because our first visitors are coming soon.

Mother:Denis ,come on. Hurry up.

Denis: I want ice cream, I want chocolate, I want hamburger.

Mother: Here you are, honey and be quiet.I have to make a call.

Look, how many animals are in this part of zoo. (all the animals are sad and afraid of him)Stop making face on the lion! Don´t spit on the camel! Don˙t take the monkey· s banana! You are a good boy. Don´t behave like an animal here.

Denis: I want to go for a pee.

Mother: Go over there. There is nobody there, just some animals.(animals sing the song: Please don´t pee.....)

Let´s get out of here. We have been here for 30 minutes and I have just 3 hours for shopping.

Voice: Dear visitors, our zoo will be closed in fifteen minutes. See you next time. And don´t leave your children in our ZOO,please. We have got our own animals.

Sheep: Another working day is over. Let´s have some fun. I will tell you an animal joke:


Why did the turtle cross the road?
To get to the Shell station!

bear: What do you do when you see an elephant with a basketball?
Get out of it's way!

zebra: Why do gorillas have big nostrils?
Because they have big fingers!

monkey: What is a rabbit's favourite dance style?



Monkey: Look, I have got something more interesting. The lame monkey gave it to me. It˙s a ..... treasure map. We will find lots of money and we can leave this ZOO. I will go to Africa! Who wants to join me? Listen , lion, you are strong and courageous. Will you come with me on a treasure hunt?

Lion: Do you really think I am extraordinary strong and courageous? I will join you.

Who else will go with us?

Everybody: Me! Me! Me!We all want to go! Let´s go!

Lion: I will be your leader!

I will be your leader! No, me! (animals start quarelling)

Stop quarelling, we will go together and help each other. Lets go!

Camel : How will we cross the road?

Zebra: I am zebra, I can help you. (she opens the coat, lies on the road and they crossed it

Camel: Good job, man!

We have done it. Yes! Let´s move on.

Zebra: Look, we have come to the forest. It is dense and dark. I am afraid that I am afraid.

Lion: Stay by my side, I will defend you if somebody dares to attact you. (scary forest sounds)

Zebra: Thanks, I am sure I will make it through.

We have done it.Yes! let´s move on.

Eagle: look, we have come to the moutain. I have excellent vision and can alert you to dangers. I will watch every step you take. Be carefull, the mountains are tall and craggy.

Lion: (he slipped) Help! everybody: Help!

Monkey: don´t worry. I am fast enough. Give me the hand, I will pull you up!1 2 3

Lion: thank you, my friend, I would die without you.

We have done it. Yes! Let´s move on!

Monkey: We have been walking for ages. I am hungry. Let˙s have some snack. I have got some bananas. (animals sing banana song).

I am full. Thanks!

We have done it! Yes, let´s move on!

It is getting colder and colder.

Sheep: I will keep you warm and cozy. Come here, and huddle against me.

(song: you don´t...)

I am not cold any more. We have done it. Yes, let´s move on!

Monkey: We have reached the desert. It is getting very difficult to walk. My feet are sinking deep into the sand.

Camel: I am called the ship of the desert. I will help you get across. Hop on my back. We can set off happily across the desert.

Zebra: It is thrilling crossing the desert on your back. Look, we have come to the ocean. What can we do?

Turtle: You need not worry. I will help you across the ocean and I will transport you.

All together: We have done it! Let´s move on to find the treasure.

Owl: Congratulations!

Monkey: what did you say?

Owl: Congratulations!

Monkey: why did you say it?

Owl: You don t have to go anywhere! You have just found the treasure.

Animals: Where is it? Can you see anything? Who has got it?

Owl : Together you have passed the forest, climbed the mountains, dared the valley, braved the desert and crossed the ocean.You would never have done it without one another. You have found the greatest treasure ever! You have found friendship! Each of you have done something to help the others.

Zebra: I helped to cross the road.

Lion: I was your personal guard.

Eagle: I watched every step you took.

Turtle: I helped you cross the ocean.

Monkey: I found the treasure map.

Camel: I helped you cross the desert.

Bear: I....

Animals: yes.....

Bear: I..... I haven´t done anything. Everybody is scared of me. Look at me. I am not even good at english. I was born in captivity in Russia , my mum was killed by a hunter.(everybody looks at him and gets scared)

Monkey: Yes, you are right. You are horrible. You are the lost case!

Owl: You have had a tough life. But there is something you can do. Take a mirror and look at yourself.What do you really want? (bear did it and got scared)

Bear: I want to have lots of friends. But I am scared even of myself.

Owl : Do you remember what your mum did when she wanted you to be calm and happy?

Bear: Yes , she smiled at me.

Owl : Do the same.

(bear smiles at himselt in the mirror, gets calm, smiles at the others, everybody smiles at him)

Monkey: it seems to me that you are actually not so horrible. I would say, you are quiet friendly and seems to be smaller.

Owl : You bear, you lost belief in mankind , friendship,yourself , but it is up to you, each of you. If you don´t like the way you are, change whatever is possible to change. Close your eyes and imagine what your life is like. Now, what you want it to be. And at last: what you are willing to do to reach it. Follow your dream and you will be happy. And your friends will always help you.

Monkey: I don´t want any treasure. Even if I had lots of money, I would´t have any place to go . I have nobody but you. I know it now.

Bear: I was born in ZOO and want to go back. Come on everybody, let´s go together and do our best to be happy.

Owl: Look, Denis is coming. We are friends and we will help him . He is a poor boy. His parents are getting divorced, he feels lost, betrayed by them, he is worried about his future and doesnt understand that it isnt his mistake. He loves both his parents and wants them back. But it is impossible. He must know that parents also love him very much but they have to solve their problems by themselves. It isn´t about Denis. Even if they dedide not to stay together he has to accept it. Let´s help him!

Mother: Denis ,come on!

Denis: I want ice cream, I want chocolate, I want hamburger.

Mother: Here you are, honey and be quiet.

Look, how many animals are in this part of zoo. (all the animals are calm, friendly)

Stop making face on the lion! Don´t spit on the camel! Don take the monkey s banana! (he throws banana on the monkey, monkey takes it and passes it to him, he makes face on the lion, he just smiles and waves, he throws stones on zebra, she steps aside but doesnt get angry. Mum leaves to make a call.)

Owl: Denis, you needn˙t be so naughty to attract their attention .You can tell them how unhappy you are and that you need somebody to open your soul.

Denis: Yes, I must be like this! Nobody would listen to me if I wasn´t like this. I have no friends, I have no family. Nobody likes me! Not even my parents!

Owl: They love you very much like all the parents in the world love their children . They just have some problems to solve. It happens in the world of adults that male and female stop feeling love to each other because of their unfulfilled dreams and they offend each other. You can not solve their problems, but you can help them.

Denis: How can I help them , I am just a boy!

Owl: Express your feelings, show them both that you love them, respect their decision. Because they are big and you are small. You might not even agree with what they decide , you can say it but respect them. And do your best to have a good time, to be happy. This will make their decisions easier. They will feel more free. Now go and give the monkey some banana.

Denis: here you are. Can I play with you? Will you throw me a ball? (they start playing, all animals join them)

Owl: Denis, your mum is comming!

Denis: (he runs to his mother) Mum, mum I love you so much! I love also my dad! I love you both!

Mum: I thought you were angry about us.

Denis: Yes, I am. But I will love you whatever you and dad decide to do. Will you still love me?

Mum: Of course.lets have some hot chocolate and talk about everything.

Owl: I hope he will remember what is the secret of hapiness.All animals: what is it?

Owl: stay who you are. Do what is the best for you. For your real, inner YOU. Fulfill your secret wishes, follow your dreams. Say whatever you find necessary even it you hurt somebody else. It will never work to do something just because they want us to do it. There are different kinds of friendship. The one is that you found on your long journey. But this one is the biggest, the highest, the most importatnt for each of us. Learn how to be friendly to yourself. How do you come about being your own best friend? Each of us is able to answer this question if he or she looks inside.