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10 najnovších slov v OED

Keď si potrebujeme overiť slovo, frázu, hláskovanie, atď. v angličtine, je za spoľahlivý a kvalitný zdroj považovaný Oxford English Dictionary a to nielen pre nás, ale aj rodených hovorcov.

Jeho tretie vydanie v online forme je aktualizované každý štvrťrok. Posledná aktualizácia bola teraz nedávno, v marci 2021. Do slovníka bolo pridaných viac ako 1400 nových slov, podpoložiek a revízií.

Poďme sa spolu pozrieť / naučiť sa 10 novopridaných výrazov.


1) dogfooding – interné testovanie

The use of a company’s product or service by the company’s employees, as a means of testing it before it is made available to customers.


2) freshie – nováčik

A first-year student at a university, college, or high school; a newcomer.


3) freshing/freshen up – osviežiť

The action or an act of making something fresh.

He could freshen up her Spanish with some online classes.

Would you like to freshen yourself up before the meeting?


4) gentle breeze – jemný vánok

a light wind; Meteorology a wind of force 3 on the Beaufort scale (7–10 knots or 12–19 mph).


5) pod

Short for podcast.


6) service animal – služobné zviera

a working animal;

(a) an animal used by the armed forces;

(b) an animal (typically a dog) that has been trained to assist a person who has a disability or disabling condition, the service animal is allowed to accompany that individual everywhere.


7) sofa surfer 

A person who (habitually) engages in passive and sedentary activities, e. g. television watching, playing pc games.

8) toe in the water

A cautious or gradual way of trying something new; start doing something that you have not done before in a slow and careful way because you are not sure if you will like it or if it will be successful.

After years of selling her handmade earrings through fashion stores, she decided to dip a toe in the water and opened her own e-shop.


9) toyo

Soy sauce – sójová omáčka


10) toy size(d) – veľkosti hračky

That is or appears to be the size of a toy, very small.


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