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Free – frázy


Hovorii sme si už napr. o zmene významu výrazu v závislosti od umiestnenia slova free a v tomto článku si uvedieme miekoľko fráz s free.


1) free hand

= complete freedom, to do what you want or choose

I can’t believe our boss gave me a free hand on this project! Finally, I can present it with my own vision!

I was given a free hand in designing the room.


2) the best things in life are free

= often the things that have the most value or quality cost nothing; the price of something does not always properly indicate its value

Experiencing the love of a baby is life-changing. It’s so true that the best things in life are free.

Proverb: The most satisfying experiences do not cost any money.

Yesterday I took my children to the park. We didn’t spend a penny, but we had a wonderful time. The best things in life are free.

3) as free as a bird

= completely free

After Adam left school he felt as free as a bird.

= happy and untroubled

Jen must be free as a bird because I never see her in a bad mood.


4) feel free

= to not hesitate to do something; to consider oneself welcome to do something – something is completely permissible or encouraged

Feel free to come over whenever you want.

Feel free to contact me.


5) free and easy

= very informal and relaxed

There was a free and easy atmosphere at the meeting.

= calm and relaxed

Once exams are over, I’ll finally be free and easy.

= not strict or careful enough, irresponsible

They have been too free and easy in accepting their offer.

If you’re free and easy with your money, you’ll be broke again soon.


6) free of charge

= without charge, at no cost

Tom offered his services free of charge.


7) there’s no such thing as a free lunch

= informal, it is not possible to get something for nothing


8) get / take a free ride

= to get or take something without paying because somebody else is paying for it


9) it’s a free country

= informal, used as a reply when somebody suggests that you should not do something, or when somebody has asked permission or said they are going to do something

It’s a free country; I’ll say what I like!

I’ll put on these t-shirt. – Wear what you like. It’s a free country


10) free spirit

= someone who does not conform to social norms or expectations.

She is too much of a free spirit to be working in a corporate environment.


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