streda, 24 apríla, 2024


Help of Vocabulary Exercises

Vocabulary is important in every language, including our own native language.

It would be impossible to say anything without words, even if we knew all the grammar rules.

Here are three tips to help you remember many words:

1) Keep a notebook

Writing new words in a notebook and creating sentences with them helps us practice vocabulary and grammar at the same time.

Handwriting helps us remember a lot more information.

2) Use the newly learned words in context

If we have a list of words and their translations and we read it many times, we will get bored, that it why it is useful to do vocabulary exercises.

Vocabulary exercises help us to improve all main language skills:

  • ListeningThere are exercises like dictations or fill-in-the-gaps that can be done with audio.
  • Speaking: The best way to remember what you have learned is by using it.
  • ReadingReading is a great way to learn vocabulary in context, and reading comprehension exercises are great to check/test our progress.
  • WritingWhen doing exercises we need to write words or full sentences and that help us to train spelling.

3) Mix activities

Learning new vocabulary can get boring. It is more effective if it is fun, so do not be afraid of being creative in your learning.

And keep in mind that practice makes perfect.