nedeľa, 23 júna, 2024


Money Idioms

Téma peňazí sa v dnešnej dobe vyskytuje často a na mnohých miestach. Súvisia s ňou aj rôzne hovorové výrazy, či príslovia. Niekoľko idiómov sa môžete naučiť, alebo si zopakovať a doplniť, s týmto článkom.

1) Bring home the bacon

= earning a living

He needed to find a job to bring home the bacon.

2) Gravy train

= a job that pays a lot of money for minimal effort

Alice is riding the gravy train with her new job, she just has to sit and smile at people passing by and she is making 90€ an hour.

3) Balance the books

= to ensure that money spent doesn’t exceed money made, revenue > expanses

They should balance the books at the end of the fiscal year.

4) Save for a rainy day

= to put money aside in case of an emergency (losing a job, major expense…)

Dave wanted to buy a new car, but then he decided to save the money for a rainy day.

5) Quick buck

= money made in a short period of time

This advert is saying you can make a quick buck by selling hot-dogs to people at the foorball matches.

6) Cash cow

= a business, investment, or product that provides a steady income or profit.

7) Time is money

= time is a valuable resource

Don’t be lazy! Let’s get to finish the reconsteuction. Time is money!

8) Go Dutch

= to split a cost evenly between two people

If you’re unsure who is paying for the meeting, just go Dutch.

9) Hit the jackpot

= to win a lot of money or have a big success

Laura hit the jackpot in the national quiz last weekend.

10) Money can’t buy happiness

= material wealth and possessions do not guarantee genuine happiness or contentment in life as true happiness comes from experiences, relationships, and inner fulfillment.

He is rich, but money can’t buy happiness. He still struggles with relationships.

11) Money can’t buy love

= true love and emotional connections are based on deeper emotional bonds, genuine feelings, and not on material possessions or financial transactions  

He tried showering her with expensive gifts, but he soon realized he can’t buy her love.